Designing & Managing

Learning Processes

People. Create. Value

Edify Learning Forum Africa (ELFA) is a training management firm that specialises in designing and managing organisational learning processes. We present a solution to organisations that choose to outsource specific tasks or those that require management and coordination of the entire training function.


Sector Expertise

We have a broad range of customers which includes, Corporate, Small and Medium Sized Enterprises, State Institutions and Organs, Civil Society Organisations, Training Institutions, Philanthropies and Grant-making Organisations.


Why Elfa-based Corporate Training?

Elfa processes represent an innovative approach to achieve real, measurable behaviour change. The approach is a unique blend of learning outcomes, combined with varied interactive methods. The programs are project based and adapted to the individual participant's needs.

Repetition the Key to Successful Training

Our core belief is that to adopt a new behaviour you need to practice that specific behaviour, and repeat it multiple times. Assessments, competition and engagement with realistic content drives repetition in all Elfa training solutions.