Organisational Training Management Services

ELFA designs a variety of tailor-made products, methods and tools that actively engage employees and staff in reflecting on individual and team performance challenges; generating solutions and sharing innovations for improvements in the work environment.

Audit of Training Activities

  • Matching and deploying skills to key performance areas.
  • Reviewing the relevance of training materials including site visits to your training service providers.
  • Compliance report with relevant standards and corporate priorities.

Our training audit support team provides an objective view of existing training activities and offers proposals for optimizing your training budget.

Customized Training Management

  • Conduct competency and training needs assessments.
  • Develop your annual training plans.
  • Manage induction and orientation programs for new employees, interns and volunteers.

Our team of experts works with you to co-design training activities, content, methods and tools that motivate employees and/or staff to develop solutions that improve their workplace and results.

Collaborative leadership learning forums

  • Balancing interests with corporate objectives
  • Identifying and documenting learning trajectories
  • Identifying knowledge gaps and potential for collaboration and innovation.

The leadership learning forums aim at fostering collaborative practices as an alternative strategy for addressing organisational performance challenges.