Kevin M. Yates is a global expert in Learning Analytics and internationally sought-after thought leader in Learning and Development.

Kevin investigates efficiency, effectiveness, and outcomes.  He searches for facts and clues that reveal training and learning’s impact on behaviour, performance, and goals. He believes Learning & Development has a story to tell and he tells it with fact-based evidence.

Kevin’s guiding principle is, “Find one thing about a person’s behavior or performance you can attribute to training or learning and let that lead to the facts about impact.” His experience reaches across training, learning, and talent development having served in roles for facilitation, instructional design, learning solutions, learning technology, program management, operations, strategy, performance measurement and analytics.

Kevin is also creator of The COURAGE Model©. I’m a Learning & Development detective and just like Sherlock Holmes, I solve mysteries. The mystery I solve is, “Did training work?” I measure impact and results for training and learning with facts, evidence, and data.

One of the top thinkers “His focus is uncompromisable. His talent is valuable. And his professionalism, top-notch. His ability to collect evidence for training impact and L&D’s performance is superb. Kevin’s voice is emerging as one of the top thinkers and influencers in our industry.” – Patti Phillips, PhD., CEO, ROI Institute

Please visit Kevin M. Yates’ official website here to learn more about this multi-skilled gentleman and international speaker. Measuring the Impact of Learning – YouTube